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The Writer’s Desk is where the magic happens. Plan, write, and edit your next masterpiece from start to finish in a fully-featured writing platform packed with in-depth, interactive editing tools that build your confidence and let your stories shine.

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Give writer’s block the boot with additional AI-powered tools inside AutoCrit’s Inspiration Studio. Create, develop and plan new story ideas from start to finish, and find new directions for your work-in-progress with helpful suggestions to keep you moving.

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The beta reader in your pocket, your Story Analyzer offers fast developmental feedback on your story’s conflict, character arcs, world-building, contradictory events, timeline, foreshadowing, plot threads, and genre fit.

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Your integrated member community adds social connection to what can be lonely work. Make new friends, build writing and critique groups, and enjoy exclusive live workshops, presentations, and events with the AutoCrit team and industry guests.

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Whether you’re in early planning, late drafting, editing, or getting ready for publication, enjoy a wealth of educational guides throughout your journey. Take on optional genre or in-depth writing courses and access them at any time right in your dashboard.

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Enjoy members-only discounts on personalized services including our Story Inspection, Pitch Appraisal, and First Chapter Critique packages. Need hands-on help right now?

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Unlock Your Book’s Brilliance with World-Class Tools

The only online writing and editing platform that guides your hand based on data from real, bestselling books, AutoCrit is built to match the genuine demands of publishing professionals and discerning readers.

Plan as much or as little as you like, with Digital Note Cards and Noteboards displayed alongside your writing. Also find pre-built Digital Planning, Plotting, and Character Note Templates to help you quickly get organized.

Get a productive boost with the help of built-in accountability and motivation tools. Set custom daily word goals, track words added and removed, plus fashion your own writing sprints and workdays with custom timers including real-time feedback.

Ferret out the fluff and take your manuscript from hard-to-read to clean-and-crisp. From adverbs and filler words all the way to exactly how you start your sentences, AutoCrit’s interactive editor helps you eradicate problems and tighten your prose faster than ever.

Nothing pulls us into a story faster than when characters start talking, yet writers often fall foul of relying on overblown dialogue tags and unnecessary adverbs instead of the raw emotion of their characters. AutoCrit quickly makes clear where you can give your dialogue added depth and punch by removing these crutches.

Forge better storytelling by quickly finding opportunities to write more precise descriptions, “show” instead of “tell,” maintain active voice, avoid clichés, and steer clear of mind-numbing repetition.

Your editor, agent, publisher and readers will all thank you.

Only at AutoCrit: Gain an extra layer of confidence in your work by directly comparing your manuscript with a wide range of popular genres. Choose between Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery and many more, and with the click of a button, you’ll get fully customized editing guidance that helps your writing align with the stylistic expectations of that genre.

Beat Writer's Block with the Inspiration Studio

Develop new ideas or map out existing ones with AutoCrit’s Story Builder. Fill in your premise, world-building details and characters, and then map the story out in a variety of integrated beat sheets. If you’re stuck for ideas, AutoCrit’s AI assistant can generate suggestions for you at every step with the click of a button.

Attach your completed plans to any project in the Writer’s Desk… and then get to writing!

Inject some extra life into every scene with the Change the Mood tool. AutoCrit’s AI assistant will analyze your story so far, and offer contextually relevant suggestions to meet the emotional tone you’re aiming for. With options ranging from joyous to somber, furious to disgusted, and everything in between, you’ll receive a tailored series of proposals that could help shift the tone of your story in the desired direction.

Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to an endless wellspring of inspiration! By analyzing your writing, this groundbreaking tool will suggest plot twists, character revelations, ways to heighten tension, and outlandish events that will keep your readers guessing and have them clamoring for the next chapter.

Find the right words fast with AutoCrit’s smart thesaurus, which takes into account the context of the sentence you’re writing and offers the most fitting options to keep you moving.

Enjoy Instant, Expert-Level Feedback with the
Story Analyzer

With just a click, receive developmental feedback on your story's timeline, character arcs, conflicts, plot progression, potential contradictions, foreshadowing and more.

Are there lingering questions your story hasn't answered? Plot threads unresolved? Stretches where nothing important seems to happen? Experience it all from a reader's point of view, so you never drop the ball.

Write & Edit Like a Pro

Just a few of the 30+ interactive reports you can explore inside the AutoCrit platform.

Summary Report

Get a quick overview of your text, highlighting trouble areas you should prioritize, along with an overall summary score to track your improvement over time.


Find those pesky adverbs in the blink of an eye. Simple highlights draw your attention, and numbered guidance helps you zero in on how many you should remove to match today's bestselling standards.

Sentence Starters

Starting sentences the same way too often can distract or bore your reader. Find out how often you start your sentences with a pronoun, character name, or conjunction, and ensure your writing is varied and interesting.

Productivity Tools

Productivity is key to success, and with integrated accountability and positive reinforcement tools, AutoCrit is here to keep you moving. Set your own custom writing goals and manage your day with built-in timers.

Dialogue Tags

Overzealous use of dialogue tags is a hindrance, not a help. Let your dialogue do the talking by easily tracking and balancing dialogue tags throughout your book.

Planning & Notes

Whether it's a brand new idea or you're already putting words on the page, a fully integrated note board helps you stay on track. Keep research at hand, complete with images, for easy reference without leaving your manuscript. Save character profiles, plot your story beats, and more.

Compare Your Writing With Genre Conventions

Choose your genre to learn more



Strap on your shield, sharpen your sword, and prepare for an epic fantasy adventure!

With AutoCrit’s specialized tools, you can choose to have your editing guidance focus on the needs and expectations defined by bestselling works of fantasy.

Choose between an overall genre focus, or compare your work directly to some of your favorite contemporary and classical novelists.

Top Fantasy Authors

  • Brandon Sanderson
  • George R.R. Martin
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Robert Jordan
  • Sarah J. Maas

New genres and authors are added to the platform on a continuous basis, keeping you at the forefront of industry trends and reader demands.

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Help From Idea to Final Draft

Some things demand a human perspective. Enjoy a personal touch throughout your entire journey from idea to publication.

Turn Intriguing Ideas into Stunning Stories

Share your ideas with fellow members inside our private community, and get feedback on which are the most compelling. Join us for live events, courses, workshops and even one-to-one Story Doctor sessions to help you refine that initial intriguing concept into a full-blown story that captivates the mind and heart.

Additional Tools for Planners

Get prepared with a range of resources available to members, including the Inspiration Studio, downloadable and integrated beat sheets, story planners, and a wide selection of educational videos to get you started and keep you on the right track.

Clean, Clear, Interruption-Free Creativity

Interactive note boards and character profiles help keep all your personal notes and research to hand while writing, so you’re never distracted from your work and pulled down an endless online rabbit hole. Reclaim your writing time and feel safe with regular autosaving and secure storage of your manuscript inside the AutoCrit platform.

Customize Your Editing Process

Build your workflow however you like it, and track your own choice of words or phrases throughout each manuscript. If you have a bad habit you’re working hard to conquer, AutoCrit will let you put your focus where it matters most.

Feedback at Your Fingertips

Find like-minded authors to form critique groups within the member community, and take advantage of members-only discounts on a range of AutoCrit services such as the First Chapter Critique and full-manuscript Story Inspection.

Prepare to Pitch!

Take advantage of live member workshops, Q&As with special guests, and even a members-only discount on our hands-on Pitch Appraisal package to help you land that coveted publishing contract.

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