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Destination Unknown
Writing Challenge

Join us for unpredictable writing action and prize giveaways. It's FREE to take part!

Get Ready for a Surprise!

Tuesday, September 5th – September 26th, 2023


Register for the challenge and join the AutoCrit Author Community on Facebook. (Facebook group is optional, but recommended.)

Get Writing

We'll provide the opening line which your story MUST use. Let your imagination take off from there.

The Twist!

Watch out, because we're going to throw a twist your way, along with the final line your story MUST use.

Win Prizes

Win awesome prizes in our closing prize draw! Every registrant has a chance to win something.

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Got Questions?

Answers to common questions about the challenge.

Q: Is there a fee to join in the challenge? Do I need to be an AutoCrit member to participate?
A: No, and no. The Destination Unknown challenge is just for fun. There is no fee to join, and you don't need to be an active AutoCrit member.

Q: Will there be daily check-ins like with the annual AutoCrit Community Challenge?
A: No, there won't be additional check-ins for this challenge.

Q: How will you give the first line, twist, and finishing line to challengers?
A: Each component of the challenge will be emailed to registrants, and we'll also be hosting live stream announcements on the AutoCrit YouTube channel. Here is the schedule:

First Line Announcement: September 5th
Twist Announcement: September 12th
Final Line Announcement: September 19th
Wrap-up Event Live Stream: September 26th

To join us for each of the live stream events, be sure to subscribe to the AutoCrit YouTube channel.

Register Now - It's Free!

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