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All About AutoCrit


AutoCrit began humbly as the brainchild of an unpublished writer with dreams of becoming an author. She faced a common problem: how could she get expert, unbiased feedback on her writing without breaking the bank? Writers’ groups, critique partners, and other beta readers weren’t at the expert level, and friends and family weren’t unbiased. Getting feedback took time, and the quality of the feedback was hit-or-miss. Hiring a professional editor was an expensive investment, especially for early, unpolished drafts.

She solved her problem with technology by developing the first iteration of AutoCrit, a software that instantly suggests improvements in over twenty areas of fiction writing and compares your work to millions of successful novels by bestselling authors. Over the years, AutoCrit has helped thousands of writers improve their manuscripts and get published.

AutoCrit is constantly growing in response to the ever-changing landscape of publishing. You can now fine-tune your manuscript right down to individual words (how many instances of “pretty” do you have to remove to stand up against published fiction in your genre, or to match the bestselling non-fiction author you’d like to compare yourself to?) We continue to re-imagine and improve our software, interface, and website based on your feedback.

In everything we do—whether it’s related to our software, content, or customer service—we hold true to the mission that started it all:

Provide instant, unbiased, expert feedback to help writers polish their manuscripts, improve their writing skills, and succeed as authors.

“I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.”
– Truman Capote