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Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror that Guarantees Sleepless Nights

Prepare to embark on a fear-filled journey with Nightmare Fuel, where you'll discover how to capture, develop, and craft horror stories that hit where it hurts. Featuring a wealth of useful exercises, resources, and exclusive lessons from genre specialist Rayne Hall, Nightmare Fuel is the most comprehensive horror writing course your dark heart could wish for.

Story Sorcery: The Quest to Write Stronger Fantasy

Join the quest to write stronger fantasy! Explore your greatest wishes to find stimulating ideas for fantastical stories, master visionary world-building, and generate unforgettable characters to rival the most iconic in the market.

Beyond Reality: Discover the Secrets of Stellar Science Fiction Storytelling

Take to the stars and soar past the limits of your imagination with Beyond Reality, the course for ambitious sci-fi writers. Create new technologies, forge astounding future worlds and compelling characters, and bring it all to life with a true sense of awe and wonder.

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