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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask and you shall receive

AutoCrit is specifically designed for authors who want to cut down the time and stress involved in producing a professionally edited manuscript, without compromising on the quality of their work or their creative vision. Writers of all levels of experience are welcome here, as both the software and our live clubs and events help build and guide stronger technique and storytelling prowess across the board.

Value is, of course, in the eye of the beholder… but we definitely say YES! AutoCrit membership gives you not only access to our unique self-editing platform, but also your very own private community of authors and a seat at regular “members only” online events and workshops with special guests and the AutoCrit team. We aim to provide an invaluable return on your investment into your writing career.

You can enjoy a taste of the AutoCrit editing platform for free by signing up for our “Free Forever” option. To access all features of the suite, including the private AutoCrit community and events, Professional membership is required. Pricing options for an AutoCrit membership can be found here.

For the best possible user experience, AutoCrit includes a full suite of features guides, explanations to help you interpret each analysis, and advice on best practices for self-editing. If you get stuck, just head to support and we’ll give you guidance.

AutoCrit is an online web-based software. Although our website is optimized for mobile viewing, we recommend using a desktop or laptop PC/Mac for the best editing experience.

You can enjoy a free taste of the AutoCrit editing platform right now by creating a “Free Forever” account. To access everything, including our member community, you’ll need to be a full subscriber. Don’t worry, though, as we don’t hold you to any minimum membership terms. If you find you’re not writing (how sad!) and don’t need AutoCrit for a while, simply cancel your subscription. We understand. You can reactivate at any time. Just use the same email address when you purchase, and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

Absolutely not. AutoCrit produces recommendations based on style guidelines and trends in published fiction and non-fiction, but you’re always in control as the author.  There are no hard rights or wrongs, here, so simply ignore any recommendation that doesn’t work for you.

Yes! When you revise your draft with AutoCrit first, you’ll give your editor a much cleaner manuscript. That means he or she can stop focusing on nitty-gritty details like how many adverbs you’ve used (almost always too many) and start looking at the bigger picture, helping you tune your writing to perfection.

We love human editors (in fact, quite a few use our software!), so it’s our goal to make sure you have the best, most rewarding experience working together.

Yes, you can! AutoCrit has a fully featured rich text editor with a so many features we need a bulleted list: 

  • Digital Note Cards displayed alongside your writing

  • Digital Corkboard

  • Full featured rich text editor with custom themes

  • Advanced text editor where no file is too large

  • Lifelike text to voice reader

  • Thesaurus and Dictionary

  • Dynamic Chapter Navigation

  • Advanced Bookmark Navigation

  • Automated File Versioning

  • Daily and Weekly Word Count Goal Tracking

AutoCrit’s proprietary Summary Scores are designed to help you track improvements as you make your edits. Try not to think of it as a qualitative score, but rather a guide to ensure your edits are relevant. Ideally, you should continue to increase the score as much as you can without sacrificing elements of the writing that you, the author, wish to preserve. You are in control.

That said, we do find that most successful, published books will sport a score within the 75 to 95 range.

Grammarly focuses entirely on spelling, grammar, and readability. AutoCrit’s reporting focuses on elements of style and technique to help you craft writing that’s more immediate, compelling, and a delight to read.

Where ProWritingAid acts as a useful style guide, its recommendations are more broad compared to AutoCrit’s, which gives you recommendations closer to the needs of specific genre audiences.

Simply put: AutoCrit helps writers quickly and easily refine their work by providing the most relevant, impactful feedback. With dynamic editing guidance that adjusts based on data from millions of published books across many different genres and bestselling authors, AutoCrit is the only online editing platform that keeps your specific needs and target audience firmly in mind.

While the answer to this question ultimately depends on your needs, AutoCrit members frequently say that the unique comparison features of the AutoCrit editing platform, coupled with the supportive community, additional Inspiration Studio and direct interaction with our team and guests all make AutoCrit membership a cut above the rest.

Yes. All our users’ projects are stored on 100% secure servers. Your work will never be shared with or accessed by anyone except you, unless permission is expressly granted by you for support purposes only.

AutoCrit uses generative AI inside the Inspiration Studio. This is the section of the software where you can generate and develop new ideas or find ways to get unstuck through helpful AI suggestions based on what you’ve written so far.

This is a completely optional tool and different to how the editing side of the platform operates. All editing reports are algorithmic and based on comparative data sets, with no generative AI involved.

Absolutely not.  We’re as protective of our members’ work as we are of our own.

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