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Chow down on lessons learned from decades of experience, whether you want to level up your editing, write more compelling science fiction, or even become an AutoCrit Expert.

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Current Course Offerings

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Nightmare Fuel

How to Write Horror that Guarantees Sleepless Nights

Throughout six separate modules, plus a diverse selection of exercises and references, Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror That Guarantees Sleepless Nights will take you through the tried and true principles behind any successful terrifying tale.

From foundational practices to specific, scene-based methods, you’ll learn how to find inspiration and lay down the building blocks for your stories – plus when and how to deploy your cunning ambushes like a seasoned pro.

Beyond Reality

 Learn to Write Mind-Blowing Science Fiction

Hosted by writing tutor Daniel Kaplan, this 4-week interactive course includes weekly live streams and Q&A sessions with the AutoCrit team, plus online content for learning at your own pace. 

From narrative tension to compelling characters to incorporating real science into your fiction, the answers lie… Beyond Reality!

Story Sorcery

 The Quest to Write Stronger Fantasy

Daniel’s decked out in chain mail and ready to take you on a trip through the foundational principles behind captivating fantasy tales, from epic to urban, grimdark and beyond.

This 4-week interactive course includes weekly live streams and Q&A sessions with the AutoCrit team, plus online content for learning at your own pace. 

Prepare yourself: Story Sorcery is the ultimate inspirational experience for every aspiring fantasy author.

Art of Suspense

 How to Write Thrillers that Keep Readers Hooked

The thriller story can take many forms – from corporate espionage and international politics to serial killers and technology run amok. But one thing that marks any page-turning potboiler is a heady dose of twists, turns, tension… and the art of suspense.

Hosted by Gareth, AutoCrit’s resident story coach and suspense connoisseur, this 4-week interactive course includes weekly hour-long live streams and Q&A sessions.

Get help with plotting and story structure, how to generate that must-have “page turner” effect, developing iconic lead characters, and much more.

Line Editing Laboratory

Step Into the Lab and Dissect a Story

Throughout a 10-day program, you’ll be treated to live group workshops with the AutoCrit team as we help you gain clarity on the most important concepts you’ll need tackle when editing your books.

See how to pinpoint the “big wins” in any editing session, and discover when to keep going with your efforts, and when it’s best to call it a day and let your work breathe. Preserve your voice as an author while knowing you’ve made your work as captivating, clear, and accessible as it needs to be.

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