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Personal Coaching to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Writing can be a lonely career, and it can often be difficult to get useful advice when and where you need it.

Thankfully, AutoCrit now has slots available for weekly, one-to-one sessions with our in-house story coaches!

Held on Zoom, each session gives you the opportunity to sit down and field new ideas, develop exciting new directions for your stories, uncover your blind spots, and get expert feedback on your writing.

Whatever you may be struggling with as a writer, your coach can help. The most common issues tackled on a regular basis include:

  • Turning new ideas into fully-fledged, thematically rich stories
  • Uncovering blind spots in storytelling and characterization
  • Finding new, more exciting directions for existing stories to take
  • Adding finesse to your written style, with line-by-line feedback on your work
  • Gaining a sense of accountability, with deadlines to keep you in the chair and doing what’s important: writing
  • Advice on navigating the publishing industry from both a traditional and self-published perspective

However you choose to take advantage of your time together, your coach is here to help you stay focused, confident, and more creatively fearless than ever before.

Coaching slots are highly limited, so be sure to book yours as soon as possible.


  • Following purchase, we will email you a link to our coaching intake form. Please complete this as soon as possible so we can pair you with the right coach, and get you moving quickly.
  • Our coaches do not generally handle material including extreme sexual content or graphic depictions of sexual abuse or activity involving minors under the age of 18. If your work falls into the extreme end of the spectrum, please get in touch with us before you book any coaching slots.
  • All advice and guidance from AutoCrit coaches is offered in good faith and with best outcomes in mind. AutoCrit does not, however, give any guarantee of specific achievement, such as successful publication, representation or similar as a result of personal coaching.
  • Copyright of all works created before, during, or as a result of coaching sessions remains with you, the customer. AutoCrit makes no claim to copyright or ownership of any intellectual property or material you create with or without the advice of our coaches. Non-Disclosure Agreements are also available if required.
  • Coaching packages are billed monthly, with a minimum commitment of 3 months, totaling 12 individual coaching sessions. You can, of course, continue for longer if you wish!

“[My coach] was amazing! The encouragement and excitement he had was infectious, and I most enjoyed the bouncing of ideas. Being able to talk through the story and plot points, and what he would like to see, just ignited my ideas on how to expand and strengthen my stories. The sessions gave me the honest feedback I was hoping for, and also gave me a lot of (good) work to do.”

–Luis M.


How Your Personal Coaching Works

Step 1: We pair you with your ideal writing coach
Complete our quick introductory coaching intake form, and we’ll pair you with the best choice of coach based on your experience, goals, and target audience.

Step 2: Enjoy weekly one-to-one sessions with feedback on your writing
Each week, you can lead the discussion or let your coach take charge in hour-long one-to-one sessions held via Zoom. Talk about your work in progress, get help developing new ideas into more robust stories, and receive the feedback and accountability you need to excel as an author.

Step 3: Continue to grow with lasting advice and insights
Every coaching session you receive is recorded and uploaded for you to keep, along with additional notes and annotated feedback on any writing samples you choose to have your coach critique. You’re free to take every piece of advice and commentary with you for future reference and lasting impact.