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Get a Professional Perspective On Your Novel

You’ve worked hard on your manuscript. Soon, it’ll be time to find an agent or publisher who will take it on, or to begin the expensive process of self-publishing to a professional standard.

But how do you know if your book is truly ready?

Agents receive thousands of queries each year, which means they’re reading through books at lightning speed with no time to give feedback on what specifically works and doesn’t work about a novel. The only way to be sure that your work is as good as you think it is, and that there aren’t any fatal flaws in the plot, character development or pacing, is to have outside eyes look at it.

And for the best results, those outside eyes ought to be those of an industry professional who lives and breathes storytelling.

With AutoCrit’s Story Inspection service, we’ll help you uncover key strengths and weaknesses in your book’s plot, character development, world building and pacing, and pinpoint the areas that are likely to cause trouble for readers, agents, or potential publishers of your work.

As part of your assessment package, you’ll receive:

  • Thorough, in-line comments throughout your manuscript, detailing your reviewer’s thoughts and recommendations as they read your book.
  • A 1-2 page reader report summarizing your book’s key strengths and weaknesses, so you know where to place your focus and where to go next.

Note that this is not a complete developmental edit and does not include fixes of every potential line editing issue, nor is it a corrective proofread.

Instead, we’re taking an overall look at the most important thing: your storytelling.

That said, if something does stand out as a structural issue that gets in the way of your story, we will of course point it out in your review (excessively long paragraphs are a good example!).

If you’re not sure what the next course of action should be for your completed manuscript, this accessible entry point to expert feedback is just the thing for you.


  • You have a completed manuscript in need of critique to catch confusing points in your story including plot holes/discrepancies, missing links in character development, and more.
  • We will require a copy of your manuscript in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. Since in-line commenting will be performed, PDFs are not acceptable.
  • Manuscripts should be written in English (any form).
  • Manuscripts should not include extreme sexual content, depictions of incest, or depictions of sexual abuse or activity involving minors under the age of 18. AutoCrit reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason. In this event, a full refund will be issued.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the submitting author or held under copyright by them. AutoCrit makes no claim to copyright of inspected works, nor to the content of suggested tweaks, additions, or rewrites.

“The review was amazing! The advice and suggestions were insightful and easy to understand. Now that I know some of the trouble spots, I am eager to tighten those up and make things clearer so I can pull the reader into my world.”

–T. Davis


How Your Story Inspection Works

Step 1: We pair you with a professional Story Inspector
Your manuscript is in good hands with AutoCrit’s team of professional story inspectors! We will pair your story with a professional who specializes in your specific sub-genre to give you feedback with your audience in mind.

Step 2: We leave in-line comments while reading your entire story
An AutoCrit inspector doesn’t cut corners! We will read every single sentence from “Once Upon a Time” to “The End,” leaving in-line comments to show you the exact areas where you can make your story stronger.

Step 3: We write up your Inspection Review
Upon completing your read, your Story Inspector will personally write an additional review focusing on the strengths and weaknesses in your novel, focusing on plot, pacing, world-building, character development, level of editing needed, and more!

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