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How is my subscription renewed?

AutoCrit membership subscriptions include acceptance of automatic-renewal payments.

For your convenience, we automatically extend your subscription right before it’s due to expire each month and or year. Not only do we eliminate the time-consuming process of a manual renewal, you also have the added benefit of locking in your current membership subscription rate for life!

If you signed up for an annual membership plan, you’ll receive a subscription reminder email 14 days prior to your subscription’s renewal date. The email will indicate that your subscription will be renewed automatically. Upon successful renewal of your membership, you’ll receive an order-confirmation email with transaction details.

Automatic-renewal payments will be billed to the credit card we have on file for your account or the PayPal account you used for your initial purchase.  If a promotion or renewal discount code is used, the discount is applied on the initial purchase only. Every additional year of membership will be charged at full price.

Please make sure that the billing information and card expiration date remain accurate and up to date. This information can be viewed/updated by logging in to AutoCrit and accessing the “Your Account” tab as shown below:



You can cancel the auto-renewal feature at any time by contacting customer support. It’s important to remember that with auto-renewal payments in place, you’ve locked in your current membership subscription rate for life! Should you elect to cancel your auto-renewal payments, we can’t guarantee your previous membership rate in the future.