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What is AutoCrit?

AutoCrit is an online book editing platform dedicated to helping writers make quick and impactful improvements to their writing style, get their manuscripts ready to publish, and become successful authors.

Covering both fiction and non-fiction writing, AutoCrit’s interactive book editor goes far beyond the capabilities of a standard grammar checker or spell checker.

Beyond those more simple functions, AutoCrit also identifies problems that prevent readers from enjoying your books, such as:

  • Words that pad out or weaken your writing, for example too many occurrences of that or it or LY-adverbs.
  • Noticeable or annoying repetition of the same or similar words.
  • Sentences that lack variety due to similar lengths.
  • Overuse of unnecessary dialogue tags such as “she muttered.”
  • Slow or uneven pacing that may lead to readers becoming bored at specific points of your book.
  • Areas where your storytelling isn’t as involving as it could be.
  • Accidental or unintended use of passive voice.

Spreading this insight across more than 20 individual and interactive reports, the AutoCrit book editor allows writers to shine an instant spotlight on potential problems through easy-to-spot highlights and additional explanation of why certain edits matter.

An example image showing highlights inside the AutoCrit book editor

With step-by-step guidance including advice on which specific words – and how many of them – to remove, AutoCrit is a writing coach, mentor, and professional line editor all rolled into one.

Example screenshot of AutoCrit's word-by-word editing recommendations

But that’s not all…


AutoCrit: The Book Editor Built for the Real World

In addition to offering editing guidance that’s simple, effective, and in line with the basic rules of style and editing, AutoCrit adds an extra layer of power for writers:

Real-world context.

Using a unique, custom-built AI, AutoCrit sits at the cutting edge of what’s actually working in the world of publishing today.

Through absorbing the content of millions of bestselling titles, AutoCrit is the only editing platform that gives its users the ability to choose the genre in which they’re writing or even individual authors whose style they would like to mimic.

The choices for AutoCrit users include a wide range of fiction and non-fiction types, plus a constantly-expanding list of authors including Stephen King, Danielle Steel, Robyn Carr, Lee Child, Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Brené Brown, Jerry Jenkins, and many, many more.

Screenshot the AutoCrit book editor genre and author selection

Context matters, because different types of book have different requirements – not to mention the expectations of your target audience. Every selectable profile within the AutoCrit platform is built from real books by our selected authors, creating a digital mentor who can teach you how to write as they do.

Crafting a tense political thriller? You might want to choose Tom Clancy to guide your edits.

Creating a romance for the ages? Why not pick Robyn Carr or Danielle Steel to help you bring it to life?

Sharing your expertise in astrophysics? Switch your editing profile to Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson and you’re in perfect company.

Due to this unique, data-driven approach, no other book editor goes as far as the AutoCrit platform does to engage with the current demands of publishing and offer the best possible guidance based exactly on what you are writing.

Trusted by thousands of successful authors, agents, editors, and publishers across the globe, AutoCrit is the smarter book editor for these highly competitive times.

Create your free account today and get started with a selection of our most popular reports, plus the ability to switch your guidance between fiction and non-fiction.

Seeing is believing, after all.


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