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The Craft of Writing

So You Want To Write A Romance Novel

Go for it! Nobody is born published. Not even the Nobel prize winners! I usually start with my characters. They need physical descriptions, mannerisms, quirks, and back story. You need to know about

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Getting Good Tension

Tension is a very crucial element of any novel, whatever the genre, because you can’t have a story so bland that nothing happens or worries the reader, or you’ll not be giving your

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Plot Twists

Dear Barbara, I love your column and hope you’ll find time to answer one of my questions. 🙂 I’ve been told my story needs more “plot twists” and the ones I do have

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The Art of Showing, Not Telling

Dear Barbara, One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard since I started writing a few months ago is to ‘Show Don’t Tell’. I’ve also heard some say this means we

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Ten Steps To Your Best Romance Novel

If only following these ten steps guaranteed publication. If only it were that easy. I started writing fifteen years ago. I had completed and submitted ten manuscripts over seven years to many publishing

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